About Us
Who We Are

The Willow Centre is Tier 4 of the DSPL2 Stevenage Behaviour Service. We are a short-term provision for primary school aged children who are at risk of permanent exclusion from their mainstream school.

Children who attend The Willow Centre will receive bespoke therapeutic packages of support. These are designed to help children begin to develop many of the skills they would need to be successful in their mainstream school.

We also provide short-term educational support for children who have been permanently excluded from their mainstream school.

Children who access Tier 4 at The Willow Centre will have already received support from Tier 3 Outreach. For further information on the DSPL2 Behaviour Service, click here.

Our Aims 

We aim for the children at The Willow Centre to:

  • Develop emotional vocabulary and emotional literacy
  • Begin to be able to identify their own emotions
  • Use emotional vocabulary to describe their own emotions
  • Express their emotions in a safe and appropriate way
  • Recognise the emotions others are feeling and react in an appropriate way
  • Discover a new enthusiasm for learning and encourage curiosity
  • Re-experience positivity in the learning environment

Our Provision

At The Willow Centre, our primary goal is to enable children to develop the tools and strategies they will need to be successful in a mainstream setting. These ‘tools’ are varying and diverse and as such our curriculum must encompass the needs of our children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Needs. Our child- centred SEMH scheme of learning, which we run as a 16 week rolling programme, is based on our core values, understanding emotions and raising self-esteme.


Pastoral Interventions

Each child is offered a bespoke package of pastoral interventions to support their Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs. The Willow Centre team are trained in delivering a varity of interventions including:


    Academic Interventions

    Working with each child’s mainstream school, we identify gaps in prior learning and provide academic inteventions to consolidate knowledge and skills.

    The following programmes are used to support children in their academic development:

    Rolling Programme

    The Willow Centre

    Meet the Team

    Mrs T. Skeggs
    Executive Headteacher

    Miss A. Giles
    Provision Lead

    Mrs E. Turner
    Specialist Behaviour Teacher 
    (Acting Provision Lead)

    Miss R. O’Donnell
    Specialist Behaviour Teacher

    Mrs J. Moran
    Specialist Behaviour Teacher

    Mrs Knight
    Behaviour Support Assistant

    Mr T. Johnson
    Behaviour Support Assistant

    Contact Us

    01438 233900

    The Willow Centre, Mobbsbury Way, Stevenage, SG2 0HL


    We are a little tricky to find so below are some directions just incase:

    If you know The Glebe well, we are situated by the small car park, just behind The Glebe shops. Alternatively, head for Chells Industrial Unit SG2 0LQ. Follow the road through the industrial unit, going past the back of Stevenage Cyles, until you reach the small car park. We are just by that car park. You will see a small building behind green school gates with a green sign for The Willow Centre.